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A Muskrat Lullaby

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SYNOPSIS:   Miles' parents-- and the whole neighborhood-- have had enough of his singing.  "Why don't you practice outside, dear?" his mother finally says.  But when Miles teams up with three other singers to form the Swamp Band, suddenly their music is in demand.  "We love that Swamp Band music!" yell the sharp-toothed alligators, and they invite the band to play at the Alligator Ball.  Miles and his friends are delighted...until they discover what's in store for them at the all-night celebration.  Based on the book "Mama Don't Allow" by Thacher Hurd

THEMES: The power of music;  Working together to solve a problem



CAST: 5 adults and children's chorus (small and large groups)

ADULTS:  Miles, a muskrat (tenor); Bird (soprano); Toad (bass); Boss Alligator (baritone)

CHILDREN:  Alligator Gang (small children's group) and Townspeople (children's chorus)

*note:  the Alligator Gang and Townspeople can also be played by adults

DURATION:  25 minutes

ACCOMPANIMENT: Piano only;  or, Piano/Electric Keyboard and Percussion.  *Note:  this work also includes an optional children's percussion band.

COMMISSIONED BY: The Los Angeles Opera, with funding from the Milken Family Foundation

PRODUCTIONS: The Los Angeles opera, Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Opera Columbus, Manhattan School of Music, Marshall Univeristy, Miami Opera, Opera Orlando, Penn State University, Monterey Opera, Mercer University, University of Akron


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