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Mystery on the Docks

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SYNOPSIS: Two mean looking rats slink into Ralph's diner-- and they're pretty tough customers.  Before the night is over, the villainous rats have kidnapped Ralph and the world-famous opera star, Edwina Bombastina.  The rats will stop at nothing.  But Ralph has a few tricks of his own up his sleeve!  Based on the book "Mystery On The Docks" by Thacher Hurd and told in the style of an old-time radio show, the opera includes "commercial breaks" that can be written and performed by school children.

THEMES: Love of music;  Working together to solve a problem.



CAST: 3 adults plus children's chorus (small & large groups)

Ralph, a short order cook (tenor); Big Al, a criminal rat (baritone); Edwina Bombastina, opera star (soprano)

Big Al's Gang of Rats (small children's group) and Townspeople (children's chorus)

DURATION: 30 minutes

ACCOMPANIMENT: Piano only;  or, Piano/Electric keyboard and Percussion.  *Note, this work includes an optional children's percussion band who perform old radio-style sound effects for the opera.  The opera also includes "commercial breaks", meant to be written and performed live by children between each of the 3 short acts.

COMMISSIONED BY: The Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Los Angeles Opera and Opera Columbus, a joint commission funded by the Reader's Digest/Meet the Composer Fund.

PRODUCTIONS: The Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Los Angeles Opera, Opera Columbus, Orlando Opera, Manhattan School of Music, University of Bowling Green, Cincinnati Opera, Opera Memphis, University of Southern Illinois, others

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