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SYNOPSIS: Papagayo, the parrot, spends his days soaring through the skies and playing in the jungle.  His raucous cries disturb the sleeping night creatures, who don't have any interest in Papagayo's games.  But when the ferocious moon-dog appears in the night sky and, bit by bite, begins to devour the moon, the terrified night creatures are helpless.  Only Papagayo knows how to save the moon, and the night creatures learn that Papagayo is a good friend to have-- even if he is a bit NOISY.  Based on the book, "Papagayo", by Gerald McDermott.

THEMES: Music and singing save the day;  Nature and environmental issues


CAST: 4 adults

Papagayo (tenor), Moon Dog (baritone), Monkey, Snake, Butterfly (soprano)Sloth, Frog (mezzo-soprano), Creatures of the Day, Creatures of the Night (soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone)

DURATION: 30 minutes

ACCOMPANIMENT: Piano;  or with fully orchestrated recording (San Diego Opera)


PRODUCTIONS: San Diego Opera, Cincinnati Opera


see video clip below for excerpts from the opera



See video at bottom of page for UCSD-TV television program about Papagayo.

More press articles about Papagayo coming soon.