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The Hiding Tree

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SYNOPSIS:  A hungry monster emerges from the sea to gobble up all the people on a lone island.  Two sisters, the only people left alive, escape to a tall tree in the forest for safety.  Though the big sister easily goes up the tree, the younger sister cannot, and the pursuing monster catches her at the tree's base.  But the monster doesn't eat her right away (she's too skinny!), and what becomes of the girl and how she outwits the monster and saves her big sister in the tree is the story of "The Hiding Tree".  Loosely based on an ancient folktale from the islands of Micronesia.

THEMES: Solving problems for the greater good;  Strength is not just physical;  Love will survive


CAST: 3 adults and SATB chorus

Little Sister (soprano);  Big Sister (mezzo-soprano);  Narrator (spoken);  Monster (SATB chorus)

DURATION: 30 minutes


COMMISSIONED BY: The Collegiate Chorale (NYC)

PRODUCTIONS: The Collegiate Chorale


see below video clips for excerpts from the opera

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Reviews and press articles about The Hiding Tree coming soon.