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The Vagabond Queen

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SYNOPSIS: A macho King leaves his peaceful nation for adventure and battle abroad, only to be captured and imprisoned in a foreign land.  Hearing of his plight, his wife, the Queen, decides to rescue him.  Disguising herself as a vagabond minstrel, she travels to the foreign land and charms her husband's captor with the sound of her singing, thus succeeding in freeing the imprisoned King.  But on return to his home country, the King gets a big surprise when he discovers the true identity of the vagabond who saved his life.

THEMES: The power of music;  women as heroes;  using one's talents to succeed


CAST: 1 adult

Queen/Vagabond, King, Foreign Ruler, Court Minister (all roles played by soprano)

DURATION: 20 minutes

ACCOMPANIMENT: Piano;  or, Piano, Violin and Cello

COMMISSIONED BY: The Metro Ensemble (Los Angeles)

PRODUCTIONS:  The Metro Ensemble,  The Metro Ensemble/Kansas Arts Council tour, the Metro Ensemble/California State University tour, Opera Pacific, Los Angeles Opera, Cal State University Fullerton, University of Richmond, Diamond Opera Theater/Hudson Chamber Opera


see below video clips for excerpts from the opera


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